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Cancellation Policy

  • The minimum we request to book a fishing trip is a $100 deposit, this deposit is NOT  refundable.

  • If you pay in front for extras like: Lunch, Drinks, Bait and or Fishing Licenses, this payment will be refund in full if you notify cancelling within 24 hrs prior departure time. No refund will be made for this concept after this time.

  • If you pay online in full for the boat in advance and will like to cancel, you will receive a 60% refund if you notify 7 days prior departure day.

  • We also can reschedule your fishing day to a different available day in the future if need, this can be done with a minimum of 10 days notice prior original date booked. 

  • A full refund will be made (except for extras) for the boat if port being close by Captain of Port due bad weather.

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